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4" of ice and 4500' of altitude makes for a great skating rink

They say that cold days are best for staying inside by the fire, unless of course you live where mother nature surrounds you with perfectly formed personal skating rinks.

Canada’s tiny disputed island

It’s not the puffins of Machias Seal that have the US and Canada fighting – it is what lurks in the oceans just beyond the island. Canada has some weird land disputes. Canada has been in a decades long dispute with Denmark over Hans island: a s...

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Nova Scotia

How One Preteen Kept Her Canada Beautiful

Stella Bowles was only 11 when she tested water from Nova Scotia's LaHave River and found high levels of contamination. When she was younger she always wanted to swim in the nearby river, but her mother advised against it. Not due to rushing rapids o...


An Icelandic legacy in the heart of Canada

Almost 1,000 years after Leif Erikson first stepped foot at L'Anse Aux Meadows, Icelanders returned to North America. Today, their traditions live on in a Canadian prairie town. Gimli, a tiny town of just more than 2,000, is the heart of ‘New Icel...

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A Guide to Canada’s Most Notable Architectural Styles

One of the great joys of walking around most Canadian cities is seeing the incredible variety of architectural styles found in the country. While some are local examples of international styles, others are uniquely our own. How did these styles come ...