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'One of the boys': Beluga whales adopt lost narwhal in St. Lawrence River

An unusual visitor has been hanging out in the St. Lawrence River for the past three years: A narwhal, more than 1,000 kilometres south of its usual range. And it appears that the lone narwhal has been adopted by a band of belugas.

Canada’s tiny disputed island

It’s not the puffins of Machias Seal that have the US and Canada fighting – it is what lurks in the oceans just beyond the island. Canada has some weird land disputes. Canada has been in a decades long dispute with Denmark over Hans island: a s...

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Eating in Whitehorse: From Earth to Table

Discover the wild and the foraged. The culinary scene in Whitehorse is growing. While there are still the classic crowd-pleaser staples like Giorgio’s Cuccina (the place to go for chicken souvlaki, calamari, Caesar salad, spaghetti, et al.), there ...

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An artist's guide to falling in love with Quebec City

Food, views and an adventure for every season Quebec City is the birthplace of French America, a city that has much to tell about its past and yet that has, in the recent years, dusted itself off to present a much younger side. New restaurants are po...

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The Highlands of Ontario: Come Wander

An awesome guide from Travelling Mitch for the Ontario Highlands. There’s no shortage of adventure to be found in Ontario’s Highlands. From Bancroft to Madoc, Haliburton to Minden, there’s something for everyone in the Highlands of Ontario.