Maligne Lake

We at Canada is Beautiful usually advocate avoiding the tourist traps to get a more authentic Canadian experience, but some places are touristy for a reason. One such place is Maligne Lake, in Jasper National Park. The Rocky Mountains rise from the c...

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Avoiding the tourist traps! The Torngats

Newfoundland and Labrador are known for rugged Atlantic beaches, lobster, and folk music, but to the North lies something different. Torngat Mountains National Park is something you need to experience to believe. From the pristine views, to the cultu...

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Photo of the Week! Ellesmere Island

Canada is such a vast country that much of it is rarely photographed, especially the North. Thanks to NASA's IceBridge mission, we have this fantastic photo of Ellesmere Island in Nunavut

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Avoiding the tourist traps! Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is one of Canada's most underrated parks. The rolling hills, cliffs, and flat lands make for a barren but beautiful backdrop for wild bison. If you're looking for something a little older, there are remains of dinosaurs expos...

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Community Spotlight: Smithers

Smithers is located in Northwestern British Columbia. The mountains surrounding the town give ample opportunity for hiking and biking, the rivers offer a scenic background for kayaking and canoeing trips, Not to mention the water systems are teeming ...

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Avoiding the tourist traps! The Bugaboos

While Glacier and Banff National Parks may seem like the best places to go light mountaineering around the Rockies, we recommend avoiding the tourist traps and heading west to Bugaboo Provincial Park in British Columbia. Jagged peaks shoot up from th...

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Photo of the Week! Botany Bay, BC

Botany Bay, British Columbia is a roughly two hour drive away from the Province's capital of Victoria. A scenic drive along the coast of Vancouver Island leads you to a quiet and secluded bay in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.

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Community Spotlight: Kelowna

From the famous Okanagan Vineyards and Wineries, to golf courses and city parks, Kelowna has so much to offer. Just outside of the city, provincial parks offer great places for camping and hiking excursions. Check out Bear Creek Park, and if you are ...