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Saskatchewan's only lighthouse gets a facelift

The Cochin lighthouse - yes, there is a lighthouse in Saskatchewan - sits atop a picturesque hill, overlooking Jackfish Lake. Visitors climb 152 steps to the top, and many sign their names when they get there. Aside from a few coats of paint, the str...

Editors' Pick

Community Spotlight: Saskatoon

Saskatoon is situated in the heart of a province so flat that it takes three days for a dog to run away (ten points to anyone that gets the reference) Saskatoon and the surrounding areas don't fill up like other places during the summer, and that's p...

Editors' Pick

Avoiding the tourist traps! Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is one of Canada's most underrated parks. The rolling hills, cliffs, and flat lands make for a barren but beautiful backdrop for wild bison. If you're looking for something a little older, there are remains of dinosaurs expos...

Editors' Pick

Abandoned Saskatchewan

Photographer Chris Attrell of Saskatchewan's series entitled "Abandoned Saskatchewan" captures the beauty of abandoned buildings around the province. Along with other work showcasing Saskatchewan's beauty, you can see more on Chris' website...