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Road Trip: The Alaskan Highway

Despite the name, most of the Alaskan Highway is in British Columbia and Yukon.

Despite the name, most of the Alaskan Highway is in British Columbia and Yukon. Though it is a stretch of road that goes from Dawson Creek, British Columbia into Alaska through the Yukon. The Alaskan Highway is completely paved which makes it accessible to a wider variety of vehicles. Be sure to check out Liard Hot Springs on the way, as well as the many unique and quirky roadside stops and restaurants. You never know what you might find or who you might meet.

Once called “the biggest and hardest job since the Panama Canal”, the Alaska Highway was constructed between March and October 1942 by a workforce of 16,000. Built in order to link the US Mainland with Alaska and improve strategic war efforts during WW2, the highway starts in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and travels through the Yukon to Delta Junction in Alaska. Originally 2,700 km in length, today it’s 2,232 km due to road rerouting and straightening over the years. Opened in 1948, the Alaska Highway is one of the most iconic drives in the world. The journey promises pristine wilderness, plentiful wildlife, and a feeling of history and freedom in wide open spaces.


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