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Port Alice Weather - It's better than you think!

The weather is better than you expect, unless you come in winter, then it's exactly as you expect.

The weather is better than you expect, unless you come in winter, then it's exactly as you expect.

One of the best kept secrets this year is how amazing Port Alice's Weather can be in the summer. You see, you might be thinking that you'll take your boat up the coast to Campbell River or Telegraph Cove and spend your week-off there. Listen friend, you'd be better off sailing past those places (stop for pictures of course) and rounding over to the West Coast of Vancouver Island to the little village of Port Alice.

One of my favorite places and while I might be a bit biased, as I did live there in the 80s, I truly believe that it is worthy of the journey.

You see, when it comes to weather in Port Alice you'll often find that the locals will tell you it can change in a matter of minute, it is on the North Western side of the island, what you will find is that from mid July to mid August it's beautiful.

While it's true that Port Alice is one of the wettest communities in Canada, receiving more than a meter of precipitation every year (take that Prince Rupert), this window is perfect. As you would imagine from a region that receives so much rain it's very green and lush, a near tropical rainforest like experience. The mean temperature in July/August is 16c and precipitation is less than 60mm in those two months, this means that you have a very good chance of being greeted by a blue sky full of wildlife.


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