The Second Best Way to Explore Nunavut

The massive glaciers, flat-topped mountains and 4,500-year-old archeological sites of Canada’s remote Quttinirpaaq National Park are now the northernmost place you can explore on Google Street View: just 800 kilometres south of the north pole. Emma...

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Photo of the Week! Portrait of Aarulaq

Today's photo is coming from Library and Archives Canada from 1948. Remember, if you have a photo you'd like featured, send it in through our Canada is Beautiful Facebook page.

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Photo of the Week! Ellesmere Island

Canada is such a vast country that much of it is rarely photographed, especially the North. Thanks to NASA's IceBridge mission, we have this fantastic photo of Ellesmere Island in Nunavut

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Area code 867

867 was chosen as area code for Canadian North because it spells "top" as in "top of the world"... Jenny would be proud!