An Icelandic legacy in the heart of Canada

Almost 1,000 years after Leif Erikson first stepped foot at L'Anse Aux Meadows, Icelanders returned to North America. Today, their traditions live on in a Canadian prairie town. Gimli, a tiny town of just more than 2,000, is the heart of ‘New Icel...

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Recipe: Winnipeg Schmoo Cake

The Canadian Winnipeg Schmoo Cake is a Regional Iconic cake. Divinely decadent. Served at regional Bar Mitzvahs packed with pecans, cream and eggs

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Photo of the Week! Oh, Canada

This might be one of the most Canadian photos I have seen this week. A Hudson's Bay Company canoe being portaged down the streets of Vancouver with a Canada 150 Billboard in the background

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Winnipeg Surgeons Save Stuffed Animal for Patient.

Uplifting news is the best news, so today we're featuring some great work from the Concordia Hospital staff in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dean Heber is battling a number of conditions and often spends months at a time in the hospital, so having a companion ...

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Houston, we have a lego man.

From the CanadaArm 1 and 2 to Chris Hadfield's space antics, Canada has made a name for itself in the aerospace community. Highschool students from Winnipeg, Manitoba recently took their first step to the stars by participating in the Global Space Ba...