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Canada’s tiny disputed island

It’s not the puffins of Machias Seal that have the US and Canada fighting – it is what lurks in the oceans just beyond the island.

Canada has some weird land disputes.

Canada has been in a decades long dispute with Denmark over Hans island: a small island located right in between Greenland and Ellesmere Island. This dispute has been carried out via leaving bottles of whiskey with notes saying "Welcome to Canada" or "Welcome to Denmark" depending on the country leaving the bottle.

Located smack-dab between the Canadian province of New Brunswick and the US state of Maine, Machias Seal Island is the only contested territory between Canada and the US on the East Coast. During the War of 1812, Great Britain (now Canada) and the US each laid claim to the land and the waters that surrounded it.

The BBC put together an awesome slideshow and story about the history of the island.


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