Editors' Pick

Living Skies - Ode to Alberta Weather

Stormchaser Stuart Milliner put this awesome video together over his time filming in Alberta. The skies of southern Alberta have always been a favourite of mine, and this video captures that beauty.

Editors' Pick

Not your average rush hour!

Just before 6:00 a.m, a small aircraft carrying six people en route to the Calgary Airport made an emergency landing after the pilot radioed in that the aircraft was low on fuel. Nobody was hurt in the incident, and the plane shows no signs of damage...

Editors' Pick

This Canadian Lake Hides an Underwater Ghost Town

Lake Minnewanka in Alberta was once home to a bustling resort, but today its eerie landscape can only be seen by scuba divers. Nestled on the eastern side of Banff National Park, the area used to be a little less wet, and was referred to as Minnewank...