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Our goal is simple, share the People, places, stories and things that make Canada Beautiful. We want to help unite the country and encourage people, both here and abroad, to explore the vast expanses of our nation, from coast to coast.

About you: You enjoy long strolls in the Yukon, candle lit dinners in old Montreal and gazing to the open sea from that cove that Peggy has, have you tried her gingerbread? If you'd benefit specifically from having people who are interested in Canada see your product or service then we'd be happy to have you.

Who we are

Canada is Beautiful started out as a twice weekly newsletter of things that make Canada beautiful. After growing our reader base and seeing that there is always a demand for more Canada, we decided it was time to craft a Canadian Centric platform that curates everything that makes Canada beautiful all in one place.

Our users love Canada, and enjoy hearing about the things that make Canada a wonderful place. We are also opening up the website to content submissions that we will curate. This will give us higher engagement rate and have people coming back to the site often to post and see what is new and exciting.

Travel tips and tricks from across the Country will bring in new users looking to travel to Canada and one of our goals is to help people have a more authentic Canadian travel experience, explore and discover everything our wonderful country has to offer. We strive to help people have a more authentic Canadian travel experience, explore, and discover everything our wonderful country has to offer.

We want to show Canada off to the world.

What we offer

Context Based Advertising

Are you a business based in the Okanagan wine country? We will make sure you are featured under content that has relevance to the area in which you operate. If a visitor has expressed interest in visiting a certain area of Canada by reading content related to the area, we will show businesses in that area. This makes sure that a user is already interested in exploring an area, and that your advertisement space will have a higher engagement and conversion rate.


To make sure you get the most out of your advertising budget, we are keeping ad placement exclusive by capping the number of advertisers at 20 per province. This makes sure your ads are not crowded out, and that you get maximum engagement. Keeping the advertising space exclusive makes the website feel more natural to increase the time users spend browsing the site.

Keep going for as long as you want

By offering a subscription based advertising solution, along with our exclusive advertising spots, you can hold your spot for as long as you like, or opt out at any time. There is no time requirement. We strive to keep advertising with us flexible, easy, and risk free.

Have a deal?

Through offering deals on your products though the Canada is Beautiful site, you can grow your customer base and make conversions directly through our platform. We will curate deals both within content on a region, and through a travel deals section on the site.

Did we mention that it’s budget friendly?

Starting at just $200 per month, your exclusive advertising space is secured. This means you can keep the space for as long as you like. Not working out for you? No problem, you can give your spot up. We are making sure that your dollars are working their hardest.

We can also offer exclusive deals to our readers to get you direct business, and include you in our existing newsletter, the options are endless.

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