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4" of ice and 4500' of altitude makes for a great skating rink

They say that cold days are best for staying inside by the fire, unless of course you live where mother nature surrounds you with perfectly formed personal skating rinks.

Canada’s tiny disputed island

It’s not the puffins of Machias Seal that have the US and Canada fighting – it is what lurks in the oceans just beyond the island. Canada has some weird land disputes. Canada has been in a decades long dispute with Denmark over Hans island: a s...

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We're giving back!

You folks make what we do possible. We share what makes Canada beautiful and you enjoy it (we hope). We thought we would give back to the community! We're giving away this awesome Canadian neon light from Amped&Co! Bring a little Canada into your...

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Amazon bringing 3,000 new tech jobs to Vancouver

Amazon is expanding its Vancouver hub and bringing 3,000 new jobs along with it! "Canadians share your passion for invention and your commitment to excellence, and that's why we are excited to see Amazon grow here in Vancouver," Trudeau sai...


Not your average rush hour!

Just before 6:00 a.m, a small aircraft carrying six people en route to the Calgary Airport made an emergency landing after the pilot radioed in that the aircraft was low on fuel. Nobody was hurt in the incident, and the plane shows no signs of damage...

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It came from outer space! Well, not quite.

The oval-shaped coin immortalizes Stefan Michalak’s experience in Whiteshell Provincial Park, more than 50 years ago in what became known as the Falcon Lake incident. 4000 of this awesome coin will be produced, and it includes a black light flashli...